Lip Plumper, Scientific facts.

Lip plumper’s and lip plumping are not “new” in the market.  They are also in demand.

There are two major ways to plump. They are by fillers or by proven active ingredient based “cosmeceutical” products.

The market is basically bombarded by cosmeceuticals, cosmetic, or natural lip plumper’s and most people buy these products because people are convinced that a particular product will work or because a friend has recommended.

From my opinion, it is always important to understand ingredients first and their function, benefits and any potential side effect. Many of these categorized cosmeceutical products are invasive because of technological progress including micro encapsulation and Nano technology implemented in ingredients.

Most of lip plumper’s Ingredients that stimulate collagen, attract moist and improve circulation should be the leading ingredients in lip plumper’s ,since the bottom line is reaching fuller lips, reducing fine lines and creating “beautiful” lips.

Many products contain ingredients that intentionally create “activity” or tingling to give the sensation of creating a positive effect. These ingredients are topical stimulants such as cinnamon oil, menthol and even hot pepper (mostly label as capsaicin) without adding inherent benefit. These ingredients will make the lips swell with an appearance of plumping.  Other ways to create similar results are by achieving a vasodilation (when the smooth muscle cells within the blood vessels walls relax and expand) effect- or by widening of blood vessels. By creating a vasodilation effect this leads to increased blood circulation in lips which will make them look fuller.

Caffeine along Niacin- a vitamin B has some vasodilation properties. Some of these ingredients as mentioned before, provide some tingling or even a “burning” feeling when applied. Keep in mind that tingling or burning sensations are implemented to provide an “acting” effect and not necessary delivering a plumping effect.

More novel products contain ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients serve as biological additives in order to promote cell growth. However it is essential to use peptide blends such as Palmitoy Oligopeptide, Arginine, Dipalmitoy Hydroxyproline which have clinical merit. In addition, many anti-oxidant are implemented in lip plumper formulas.

There are several new companies that have launched natural and effective formulas with very good results, adding as well several strong natural anti-oxidants such as Borage in addition to several well-known stimulators such as Ricinus Communis seed oil, Palmitoy Hydroxyproline and of course the use of Niacin which accelerate cell rejuvenation. One of the new companies in the market provide Natural an innovative approach with excellent results is Lip+ by Medisoul

Giora Shavit- Cosmeceutical expert

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