Medisoul Lashes Thickener

Medisoul: Natural Solutions


INCI Medica is a leader in the cosmetic industry, basing its products on the most advanced biocosmeceutical and cell biology technologies. We’re revolutionizing the cosmeceutical industry by using ingredients from nature itself. INCI Media works with world-leading cell biologists, cosmeceutical chemists, and experts in natural raw materials and plant extracts, developing innovative and advanced natural solutions.

Medisoul is a brand that incorporates all of INCI Medica’s standards, and its products have proven effectiveness with zero side effects. Our products focus on brows, lips, lashes, and more, and we’re committed to offering you alternatives to more invasive procedures, giving you the results you’re looking for, without the harsh side-effects.

Benefits of Natural Ingredients

We’re avoiding the harsh chemicals on our product ingredient lists for a reason. Many other products on the market contain harmful ingredients such as: formalin, parabens, petro-chemicals, and more. There are several benefits to using products with all-natural ingredients, but the main reasons are:  

They’re environmentally friendly;

They won’t cause irritation;

There are no side-effects;

They are gentler over time; and

They save your nose (no chemical smell).

Our products are going to give you professional results, but you will experience the long-lasting benefits from going all-natural.

What Our Products Offer

Natural solutions

Zero side-effects

Proven effectiveness

Clinically proven

Registered under the American, Canadian and EU authorities regulations

Product Highlight: Lips +

As we age our lips become less plump and pursed, becoming thin and dry. For only $27 our Lips + product redesigns and reshapes your lips within 15 days of use. Our product will increase lip hydration up to 30%, while reducing lip wrinkles and furrows by 30%. It’s a long-lasting solution that will restore your lips to their total volume.

Medisoul offers natural solutions with no side-effects. We’re committed to providing you with these advanced solutions and desired, long-lasting results. Learn more about Medisoul on our website and contact us for more information!