Medisoul Clinically Approved

Medisoul’s Advanced and Natural Products

Medisoul Clinically Approved

With a wide array of products, it’s no small feat that Medisoul has maintained a commitment to all-natural ingredients. We take pride in sourcing the ingredients for our complete line of skin care from nature itself. No matter your treatment needs, Medisoul has something that’s right for you.


Improve your brows’ density and anchoring with Brows+ from Medisoul. This advanced brow-enhancement serum creates thicker hair fibres and promotes the regrouping of brow hairs, delivering visible results in six weeks or less.


Epi-C+ is a wholesome, natural solution to the harsh chemicals in other companies’ hair growth delayers. Clinically proven, True Active Epi-C+ only requires one-time use following your usual hair removal regimen and is sure to give you excellent results.

H-S Lips

A natural ointment for the treatment of Herpes simplex 1 virus (HSV-1, also known as cold sores), H-S Lips provides immediate and effective solutions. Beyond treating HSV-1, H-S Lips’ combination of herbs, plant extracts, shea butter, and essential oils combats other problems like dryness, cracking, and swelling.


HeMorit is a concentrated ointment containing extracts of plants, roots, and herbs, as well as special ingredients like cera alba, Melissa officinalis, Cypress oil, and panax ginseng. These naturally sourced ingredients provide immediate relief from hemorrhoid pain and astringent bleeding prevention.


Get voluminous, lengthy lashes with the clinically approved Lash+ treatment. By facilitating the targeted activation of prokinase A (PKA), Lash+ liberates the relevant hair follicles, resulting in beautifully long and dense eyelashes.


This effective lice remover is bound to top any home remedy you might come up with, and all without introducing any harsh, lab-made chemicals to the scalp.


Made without such common chemicals as SLS, formalin, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, petro-chemicals, or GMOs, our Lips+ lip plumper redesigns and reshapes your lips within fifteen days for an enhanced, long-lasting look.

For more information on Medisoul’s extensive line of skin care products, or to order for yourself, visit us on our products page. Medisoul: natural, advanced solutions for well-being.