Science Based, Positive Outcomes, Proven Beneficial, Natural, Advanced

Medisoul is a brand of Canadian based company – INCI Medica, who delivers proven, leading products that work. Based on need and using the most advanced actives we deliver not only exceptional products but offer program support, demand generation, and tactical processes to promote the products with your company direct to audiences for reach, awareness and frequency of turns. Comprehensively a series of processes for on the shelf presence, off the shelf support, and custom programs so people know you offer the best in prevention and wellness for regeneration.

Our line-up:

Epi – C+ (hair delayer for body, post wax treatment), Lash + (eyelashes Regrowth), Brows + (eyebrows Regrowth), Lip Enhancement (Volu-plump)…and specialty: Pain relief, supplement, instant eye-bag reducer, and more.

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