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Using Brows + to Create Thicker Hair Fibers for Beautiful Brows

Nobody wants to go through their lives filling in their eyebrows every morning to achieve the look they desire, and invasive procedures such as eyebrow tattooing are painful and expensive. However, there is a solution to create thicker hair fibers while improving your hair brow density, and it’s all natural. Our Brows + product is geared towards people who want full, beautiful brows without going through invasive cosmetic procedures to do so. But, how does eyebrow hair loss occur?


Let’s focus on a few specific reasons thin brows develop overtime:




If you have experienced trauma to the eyebrow area, such as a serious cut, then the hair might not grow back. The hair loss is cased by the damage to the brow area, ruining perfectly dense brows.


Alopecia Areata


This condition causes hair loss on your body, as the follicles are seen as an infection. The body will fight this “infection,” leaving you with no hair on your eyebrows.


Over Plucking Your Brows


Despite wanting to keep your brow shape perfect, by over plucking your eyebrows you can cause permanent hair loss. By using too much brow makeup, you are also at risk for losing the hair on your brows. This is why it is important to be gentle with your brows, and avoid overdoing your brow makeup and plucking unless absolutely necessary.


The Solution: Brows +


Brows + is designed to create thicker hair fibers, with a once daily easy application. Our unique safe formula uses ingredients such as europaea wood extract, vitamin E, aqua, and camellia sinensis leaf extract to stimulate hair growth in your brow area. It’s time to thicken up your hair fibres and achieve the full brow look without opting for a cosmetic procedure to do so. Your brows will be on fleek in 6 weeks, and you won’t have to use any makeup to fill in the gaps any longer. To learn more about Brows + check out Medisoul today!


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